Words In the Air, Words on the Page

Hello everyone! This last weekend was great in the Tick world.

gettin nerdy up in here!

gettin nerdy up in here!

First, Sam at The Reading Nook NZ was awesome to offer me a chance to write a guest post on her blog! We talk about writing, my inspiration for Tick, and some tidbits about the next installment of the Tick series, Vice. Thanks to the Reading Nook readers for submitting questions! You can find my post right here.

Then … Bryan and I got nerdy together (in a totally platonic way), in the nerd lounge over at Good Nerd Bad Nerd. We talked about my book Tick and all the science-y and artistic bits, and we chatted about some nerd news as well. It was a lot of fun, so hop on over and have a listen!


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