alliosnroseHello. I’m Allison Rose.

I’m a writer of all sorts: novels, short stories, screenplays. I started my career way back in those awkward childhood days writing short stories about life as a pre-teen. Inspired by my father’s love of movies (and stalled career as a screenwriter and novelist) I took to screenwriting. At 19 I had a near chance of selling a script to the TV series Charmed, and even while I couldn’t make it as a teenage screenwriter I still danced around with the idea of becoming a filmmaker.

Life happened, and, well, my career as a writer flew off the rails. Now, over ten years after my “un-Charmed” chance, I’ve turned back to writing. I currently have two series in the works (first featuring my YA sci-fi series, Tick) and a screenplay which I hope to get back to sometime in the future.

I have a great appreciation for stories which present strong-willed yet flawed characters, stories of unbeatable odds, and stories which feature action and adventure. I enjoy fantasy and science fiction that challenges the fragility and fate of mankind (I attribute Lois Lowry’s “The Giver” as being a life-changing piece of literature in my young adult life). With TV and film, I have a great affinity for historical fiction and non-fiction, particularly Depression-Era or WWII stories.

Having lived my entire life in Los Angeles and the surrounding  suburbs, I am uncomfortable with extreme weather conditions of any kind, love farmers markets, outdoor movies, and running in the sunshine nearly any day of the year. And I still get a kick out of seeing film crews around town.

Also, bonus points to anyone who leaves me a Whovian comment anywhere in my website.


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  1. juliajoc says:

    You have a typo in your 2nd sentence, “like” instead of “life.” (Sorry, it’s the copy editor in me.)

    Anyway, thanks so much for Liking my article on The Great YA Debate. Feel free to check out the rest of the Daily Geekette! We’ll be putting up some great interviews with authors and reviews of new books this summer.


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