“Rose is a good writer of dialogue, and is deft at slowly doling out information to locate the reader within Jo’s world. The story is exciting, fast-paced, and full of surprises… TICK is a terrific book, which more than stands its ground in a crowded field of dystopian fiction featuring awesome, if “wrett” female heroes.”

– IndieReader

“Author Allison Rose kept the essence of thrill and action all the way till the end. This is one of those novels that will keep your heart beating and make you live the life of the character. I was completely invested in the story from the first chapter. Jo is the type of character that you root for right to the very end. She was awesome and very reflective.”

– Reader’s Favorite

“Tick [presents] a dark and lush tale that paints a very appealing heroine in Jo – someone the reader can believe in and identify with even though she is plagued by a problem that (hopefully) not many people have or have to understand. The novel deftly weaves aspects of teen novels and dystopian sci-fi with a story that is, at its heart, a moral tale about the lives we’re forced to live and how we try to do better than our circumstances and the cards dealt to us… The narrative is tightly woven and compelling, moving at a fast pace while still allowing the reader to experience a true depth of characterization as they develop a full appreciation of the events as they take place. Jo is the real star of the show here and we marvel at how well she is handled, how clearly and accurately she seems to be formed.”

Judge, 3rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

“Rose does a wonderful job bringing attention to numerous themes that elevate the novel’s complexity … The characters in the book are all complex and well thought out. Jo is extremely intelligent, insightful, funny, clever, and pragmatic. Her inner monologue and observations help introduce the world she lives in. Every new situation Jo deals with is revealed organically and explained through context. The pacing of the book is a work of art; the tension ebbs and flows at just the right times. Language has evolved, creating new slang and names for everyday technology. The dialog is realistic and gives each character a unique voice.  The world Rose forms is realistic and smart.”

Online Book Club

“Rose is a good writer of dialogue, and is deft at slowly doling out information to locate the reader within Jo’s world. The story is exciting, fast-paced, and full of surprises… TICK is a terrific book, which more than stands its ground in a crowded field of dystopian fiction featuring awesome, if “wrett” female heroes.”

Indie Reader

“It seems like everyone wants to write a book set in a dystopian future, but very few actually want to create a thorough portrayal of that world for their readers. Allison Rose did a great job of creating the society within Tick though. What really got me about it too was that it was actually something I could envision as a reality. I could totally see how the world we live in today could become what it was in Tick. Dystopia works best for me personally when it actually creeps me out – and nothing is creepier than imagining that this whacky, freaky world you’re reading about could emerge while you yourself or some of your eventual loved ones are still alive …
As for pacing, Tick is legitimately quick on its toes and filled to the brim with action right from the get-go. The ending had me feeling all sorts of different things, and while I don’t want to spoil anything about it, what I willsay is that I am now eagerly anticipating the second installment in the series, because I need to know what happens.”

The Darling Bookworm

“It’s magical to have a book reverberate through your head, even when you are not reading. Tick most definitely did that for me. Not only do the characters grow, so does the writing and plot. The author shows great potential in multiple areas. I also believe that Allison’s background in screenwriting has had a definite impact on this book. The scenes would be magnificent on screen. The last ending of Tick had me in tears. Allison managed to capture a great deal of emotion there. I am definitely putting the next installment (currently titled ‘Vice’) on my radar.”

– The Reading Nook NZ

“… [The protagonist’s] meaning exists somewhere in the maelstrom of an internal dialog that ponders most of her external experiences, and “Tick” is the story of her search for answers in those experiences. In that sense, it is very much a book for young readers, with all the angst and tension that defines the category. But there is a darkness and a passion to her maelstrom. They are reflections of the forces of fear and anger battling for control of the world she’s growing up in, and they are mirrors that catapult the reader into a journey that will be enjoyable to anyone who has matured by brushing up against the edges of “normalcy”, and anyone who has thought about the moment when the certainty of conviction crosses over into the dogma of violence. In another author’s hands, it could have been a ponderous burden to read and understand the complexity woven into “Tick”, but Allison Rose trimmed all the extraneous fat from the story line, crafting a fast paced adventure that maintains an engaging focus on Jo’s quest.”

Goodreads Review

“The writing is fast paced and full of action and suspense. There’s not a dull moment, once the story starts to flow, and you can’t put the book down. I read it in just about one sitting and I never once had a bored moment. The story gets more and more serious and consequential as it goes along and, by the end, I was practically begging to see what’s going to become of the characters that I’ve grown to love. There is a darkness to this story that is compelling. Jo is a somewhat damaged girl with a tick that makes her feel like a freak. As the book goes on, it really only gets worse for Jo. There are a lot of heavy issues in this book, from mental health to national security, and I’m fascinated by it all.”

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